Natural Support for Endometriosis – ON DEMAND


Calling all practicing or studying Naturopaths, Nutritionists and other accredited natural health practitioners.

Up-skill your clinical knowledge in naturally supporting endometriosis with this information-packed 2 hour webinar.

With your purchase also includes PDF slides, list of top surgeons, access to my mentoring facebook group, and other resources.

To access the webinar you can find it in three locations:

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Please check junk/spam if you haven’t received it. If not, send me an email to and I’ll send you the link.

Finally, please join my Facebook group “Endometriosis and fertility mentoring for natural health pracs” and include your qualification in the questions.

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In this lesson you’ll learn

– Key signs and symptoms of endo (including some less obvious)
– Key questions you should be asking every client
– Different types of lesions and grading
– List of the top endo surgeons and a step by step guide on how clients get a booking with them whether public or private
– The difference between types of surgeries and their pros and cons (and how to ensure you client avoids the wrong type)
– Common co-morbidities with endo
– Debunking common misconceptions (including some that still get taught in our Bachelor of Health Science)
– Key herbs, supplements and dietary strategies for reducing symptoms including pain, heavy bleeding, bloating etc
– Supporting pre and post operation
– What to do when their specialist recommends the pill or the mirena
– Other key referrals/modalities that can help
– Signs to look for on blood tests
– The best functional tests
– Top resources for them to use

And a lot more!


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