Meet Alex

Naturopath and Nutritionist


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition

Personal health experience:

Acne, digestive issues/IBS, fibroids, endometriosis and chronic shoulder injury/pain.

Available: Saturdays – 10am-3pm

Get to know me

I had horrific acne from late primary to the middle of high school. This was a result of chronic digestive issues thanks to long term antibiotic use, roaccutane and the oral contraceptive pill.

This was when naturopathy entered the room.  

I embarked on a lot digestive health work such as figuring out food intolerances and restoring nutrient deficiencies.  At 30-years-old, I also wanted to come off the pill after 15 years of use.  Like many clients I see today, I was worried my acne would return.  Little did I know, the pill was masking my hormonal problems.  

My periods were heavy and painful.

After further investigations, turns out I also have fibroids and endometriosis. 
Ultrasounds picked up three fibroids that were causing my heavy bleeding and a ‘mass’ that was sitting between my bladder and uterus. I was referred to the urology department for further investigations to see if the ‘mass’ was in the bladder wall or not. I had to have an MRI and then another endometriosis-specific MRI (my first time hearing about this type).  The urology team discharged me and no follow-up was advised.  
Things didn’t get better so I took my test results and found a gynaecologist.  The ‘mass’ was reported as an endometrioma and the advice I was given at the time was the old outdated ‘get pregnant’.  Nothing further.  
As a naturopathy student at the time, I knew this advice wasn’t accurate so I set off for a second opinion. This second opinion was met with a more practical approach for me at the time; let’s test again in 12 months to check growth and then make decisions. 
In the meantime I continued my naturopathic interventions to manage pain and symptoms. 
This time I had my follow-up with well-known endometriosis specialist Dr. Russel Dalton who performed a physical exam and ultrasound. He confirmed with my case history, the history of testing, results and his examination and ultrasound that I have endometriosis.   
As with every endometriosis story, mine is still going and will always be part of my life now.  I am looking into the next stages of laparoscopy, fibroid removal and potential egg freezing.  

Some other interesting things about me

Dietary approach:
I take on a whole food plant based diet.  I love to make things from scratch and I love to find ways of adding in extra good things into each meal. I occasionally eat meat – when someone else cooks it. 
I am absolutely not perfect and love cake, chocolate and treats. When eating out at restaurants I love the “feed me” options as it always means I try new and different foods!
Favourite thing to do when not working or studying
When I’m not working, I’m seeing friends, going on walks, cooking, trying to get through the big pile of books on my bedside table and hanging out with my nephew Hudson. 

How I became a naturopath

Growing up I had seen alternative therapists for a few things, so Naturopathy wasn’t exactly left of field for me. However, there were a few events that led me down this path.  

Firstly, after a long stint of antibiotics, acne medication, three rounds of roaccutane and years of the oral contraceptive pill (OCP), I had a lot of digestive health issues.  This is when I first sought the help of a naturopath.  
Then my mum got breast cancer and we embarked on changing every aspect of her life.  From the food we ate to the ingredients in our household products and cosmetics – we changed it all.  I loved finding new products that worked and reduced the chemical load on our skin and bodies.  I also loved learning to cook new foods and making everything from scratch. 
However, the biggest influence on taking the step to study naturopathy was after meeting an amazing naturopath in a clothing shop and starting a conversation. We got chatting and she told me she was a naturopath. I got her details and booked in. Just less than a year later I embarked on the huge task of studying naturopathy. I think they call this a sliding doors moment?


My plants? Does that count?? No pets at the moment, my beloved Sofi who was 12 sadly passed away a year ago , I miss her.  I happily look after all of my friends dogs while they go away or need me. And I live with Piggggg..  (Jonathon the Pug).  He likes to leave his fur everywhere.  
Did I mention my plants?  Like most of us I got a little plant crazy over 2020 – 2021.  Yes, they have names.  I also love hiking,  petting dogs, a lovely glass of wine in the sun & seeing my friends and nephew Hudson as much as possible.