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Welcome to Jade Walker Health

We are a completely online clinic using a professional TeleHealth program called HealthBank, meaning you can see us from anywhere in the world.

Find your practitioner below and click the “BOOK NOW” button to be taken to their HealthBank booking page. Once you are on your practitioner’s HB profile, click “Book Appointment” and follow the prompts.

Don’t forget to fill out the intake form found within your confirmation email.

If you’re still unsure, feel free to book the free 10 discovery call option or email us at


Emi – Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Alex – Saturdays

Laura – Thursdays and Fridays

Initial consult – $190 (Adults – 1 hour)

Follow up – $100 (30 mins) | $90 (15 mins)

Acute consult for cold/flu/acute infection – $70 (15 mins)

Jade Walker – Books closed

Only seeing existing clients, please email; to book follow up appointments.




KEY AREAS: endometriosis, fertility, IVF, pre-conception, pregnancy, twins and twin pregnancies, breastfeeding, post-partum, gut health (especially SIBO/IBS), chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, baby and children’s health.


NATUROPATH & Nutritionist

KEY AREAS: endometriosis, PCOS, fertility, pre-conception, pregnancy, gut health, acne.



KEY AREAS: endometriosis, PCOS, fertility, pre-conception, pregnancy, gut health, acne.

Laura Taylor


KEY AREAS: Children’s health, post-partum, attachment, gut health, immune health.

Frequently asked Questions

Things to know about health bank

Firstly, make sure you confirm your booking and pay prior to your appointment to be able to access the consultation.

How much does a consult cost?

Head to the booking link above to find each practitioner’s costs.

Should I choose the 1 hour or 1.5 hour option?

If in doubt, select the 1 hour option as we can always go over other things in the next consult. 

What tests should I get?

Everyone’s different with what they need, and sometimes it’s better determined at the end of your consult. However we highly encourage that you request any copies of recent tests or reports and send them to us or upload to your portal (if you have one set up). If you would like to get some tests before hand, we recommend the baseline of vitamin D, iron studies, thyroid studies, B12, folate, FBE, LFT, ESR and CRP. If hormones and fertility, hormones should be done on day 3, and progesterone should be done 7 days after your confirmed ovulation.

Is Naturopathy covered by private health insurance?

Unfortunately it was taken away from our modality a few years ago now. Our associations are working to get it back. 

Should I bring my partner to the couples fertility consult?

Yes it’s highly encouraged as this not only helps you both get on the same page, but it also helps me understand both of your health statuses.

How many consults will I need?

Every case is different but to really see improvements on our key focus areas it takes a good 4-6 months, seeing us around every 4 weeks.