Accredited Naturopath niching in endometriosis, fertility, IVF/A.R.T, and other reproductive conditions


We’re passionate about hormones

Hi I’m Jade Walker – a passionate Naturopath who’s learnt the long and hard way what living with endometriosis and fertility challenges is like. After a 17-year road to a diagnosis followed by IVF, a high risk twin pregnancy, and the beautiful yet bumpy ride through motherhood, I decided to create a unique online clinic dedicated to these areas. This is also why I decided to specifically seek out Naturopaths with endo themselves so that you know we get exactly what you’re going through. 

Why Naturopathic medicine?

Herbal Medicine

We use evidence based herbs and practitioner-grade supplements to optimise your health outcomes. Herbs and supplements can help to reduce pain and inflammation, regulate cycles, improve fertility (egg and sperm quality, increase implantation etc) and support immune health. 


What you eat can can have a direct impact on the outcome of your periods, fertility and overall health. We use specific dietary approaches for specific conditions such as the “Bi-Phasic diet” for IBS/SIBO or “AIP” for autoimmune. Since no one person is the same, almost every person receives a different plan.


We pride ourselves on our use and understanding of “functional testing”. Functional tests are thorough investigative tests you wouldn’t usually get from a general check-up. These tests may include comprehensive hormone tests, GI Map, Organic Acid Test (OAT), methylation testing and more. 

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