Meet Jade

Hi I’m Jade,

I love helping people reclaim their lives when they were led to believe there was nothing else they could do.

While I’ve been in clinical practice for almost 6 years, it’s the last 3 years that have seen my passion ignite. 

2 years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis after 17 years of painful periods and being dismissed.

Not long after, trying to conceive for several months, we then went through IVF due to dual-factor infertility (male and female).

Much to our delight, we discovered that our our one and only viable embryo had actually split into two, resulting in identical twins. 

But with this came a high risk, high-intervention pregnancy which resulted in our girls being born at 33 weeks due to a rare twin condition called TAPS (twin anaemia polycythaemia sequence).

Pair all of this with a cesarean birth, a challenging breastfeeding journey that I fought so hard for and a hard, sleep deprived, yet fulfilling first year of motherhood, you could say I’ve experienced a few things. 

It’s due to these experiences that my passion and advocacy for reproductive health and supporting mothers has deepened, leading to creating a health team of 3 Naturopaths and regularly being interviewed on multiple podcasts, being featured in Bridget Hustwaite’s book “How to Endo”, and many other media sources. 

The best way to truly get to know me is by following me on my instagram @jadewalkerhealth where I’m completely transparent in my own life as a twin mum.

If you’re going through IVF you might also like to watch my IVF Story on YouTube.