Our online clinic

Who are we

Jade Walker Health is dedicated to the areas of natural and integrated medicine for endometriosis, hormones, fertility and A.R.T (e.g. IVF), pregnancy, post-partum, and children’s health.

We have an evidence-based focus, while still staying true to our naturopathic roots combining ancient wisdom with the latest scientific research.

We are a fully-online virtual clinic, meaning you can get holistic help in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.


Chances are, one of us have experienced some of what you’re going through, from endo to IVF, from gut issues to skin health, we get you.


It’s our mission to be at the forefront of the latest research when it comes to our key areas. There’s no “woo woo” or empty promises with us – only things that work.


No one person’s case is the same. So you’ll never see the same treatment plan for any two people. This is the holistic approach we take in naturopathic medicine.